Valve design

Preparation of valve specifications

You need to order valves for a very specific application. We help you gather your requirements including the standards and regulations, and prepare for you a design specification adjusted to your needs.

Review of valve design to consider the designspecifications and nuclear environment requirements

The valvesdesigned for nuclear applications shall follow rules specific to nuclear environment. These specific rules are always gathered inside design specifications and nuclear codes. We help you understand the specifications of your customer as well as the nuclear codes and make a review of your design to check if it answers the application requirements.

Preparation of a consistent documentation package

Documentation for valves in the nuclear industry is extremely extensive. We advise on the documentation structure to optimize the release process and to anticipate future modifications. We help you organizing your documentation in a logic order answering the regulation requirements. We write with you all the different required documents necessary to design, manufacture and deliver your valves to your customer. In the frame of nuclear application, we anticipate the documentation requirements due to regulations and help you writing justifications to the local regulations.